Poll: What is the best office snack? A journey to the kitchen.


Whether you forgot your lunch at home, UberEats didn’t hit the spot, or you just need something sweet; you can always count on the office snack pile.

It’s about 15 minutes after eating your leftover roast from last week, and R.Kelly’s Bump N’ Grind comes to mind.  You start to stroll to the kitchen, and then remember to lock your computer screen (Windows key + L).   ALWAYS LOCK YOUR SCREEN.  Anyways, making our way back to the kitchen, hoping that Susan isn’t waiting to ask you why her computer is so slow.  Well Susan, for the 15th time, restart your computer.  If that doesn’t help, then run CCleaner.

You finally get to the snack cabinet, hoping your boss or peapod has delivered the goods.  What’s next? Salty or Sweet, Chips or granola bar, coffee or tea?  Peanut Butter pretzels, you win!  Now, how many should I get?  Well how many pockets do you have?  Okay, you get the point. Now you decide, what is the best office snack?