Your Next Side Gig


Last Friday, I married my best friend! We decided long ago to keep it simple and get hitched at the courthouse here in Portland, OR. I googled “How to get married in Multnomah County” and was led to a list of judges. I emailed a judge in January, and she booked our wedding date, no problem! She gave us some easy instructions and sent us a few sample vows. On the day of, we arrived to the courthouse in a timely fashion, only to recognize a sign on her door that read:


After giving her the benefit of the doubt, wiggling some door knobs, and frantically emailing, I decided that we are going to get married today, NO MATTER WHAT. I pointed to my best friend and said “You probably need to get ordained.”

Jaw dropped, she immediately got on her phone and googled the process. The folks at Universal Life Church ( asked for her full name and email address, and within seconds her phone screen read: You’re #Ordained!

Ridiculously easy (yet uneasy)? Yes. Adding this to your signature and resume? Yes! It’s, for the most part, legit in lots of states. Although we had another judge marry us, she will be ordained for the rest of her life and can perform a wedding at the drop of a hat, no big deal. How cool is that?!

Maybe you need some extra cash, or maybe you want to be a part of people’s special days. Either way – we all win. And LOVE WINS!